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Our joint offer with Confideal is aimed at customers who are ready to use cryptocurrencies for buying or selling the property, especially those seeking opportunities in the Immigration Investment Programmes. With smart contracts created in Confideal, you can take advantage of easy cross-border transactions without any programming necessary. To learn more about using smart contracts in property transactions, download our presentation or contact Nicole Charalambous at for more information.

Confideal is service for enterprises, small businesses, and individuals that enables the customers to implement safe and fast transactions through smart contracts. Smart contract is a program that is executed in blockchain and can be managing cryptocurrency flows according to conditions predefined by the parties. Thus, you can easily create a smart contract that handles a property transaction; it will accept cryprocurrency from the buyer and release it to the seller when both the parties confirm that the paperwork is done correctly.


How to make a smart contract for a property transaction
  1.  to store your cryptocurrency and launch smart contracts. Metamask Ethereum walletFirst of all, you need to install Metamask is a browser extension that works with Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera, so you can use it with the web browser of your choice. For details, watch our short video on how to use Metamask.

  2. Make sure you have ETH (Ether) coins on your account. Even if you are not the buyer, you will need some small amount of cryptocurrency to send data to blockchain.

  3. Launch Confideal application to create your first smart contract. Here is another video on how to create contracts in Confideal.

  4. To play around with Confideal, you can use Testnet Ethereum coins (for example, Ropsten Ethereum) by switching the network in Metamask. Testnet coins can be acquired for free from services called Ethereum faucets (for example, this one).

    Should you need help with creating property smart contracts, O’Keefee and
    Confideal professionals will be happy to assist you.

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